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About us

Our Club was founded in 1967. Today it has about 135 members among them 55 active members 18 of them in our youth group. The club's work shed is in the old railway station building in Röttingen, and our club hut is on the air field. Our club covers a vast area of aeromodeling for example helicopters, gliders (also vintage!), aero - tow, slow flyers, indoor, scale models and racing planes. Our newest area is model trains!

Our air field

Our air field is situated south of Röttingen on the plateau about 380 meters above sea - level
We have two grass run ways in the shape of a cross, each 120 meters long and 20 meters wide. Maximum aeroplane weight is 25 kg and maximum volume of 82 dB/A is allowed. Motorized planes are not allowed to be flewn any day between 12:00 and 14:00.

The air field is to be used by members only, but guests can become short time members for free.
A log book has to be kept for every motorized flight!

Our beautiful club house has a veranda with a roof and a play park.